Capcom have uploaded an Amaterasu courier to the Dota 2 Steam Workshop

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Usually, bulletins about multi-franchise crossovers come from press releases, or closely promoted trailers, or perhaps a fast announcement on social media. Hardly does it occur main writer uploads a mod to every other sport’s Steam Workshop web page, however that’s precisely how Capcom are hoping to get Okami’s main wolf into Dota 2.

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An Amaterasu courier is now up on your vote casting attention at the Dota 2 Steam Workshop, courtesy of an account known as ‘CAPCOM_OKAMI_HD.’ If there was once any doubt that that is the actual Capcom, the YouTube video appearing off the courier’s animation comes instantly from the writer’s Eastern channel.

If you wish to have Ammy to ferry your pieces, head over to the Workshop web page and provides her a vote. This merchandise serves as promotion for the approaching Steam unencumber of Okami HD on December 12, which repackages the PS2 vintage with high-rez visuals to make all of it lovely on fashionable shows.

This isn’t the primary time a large Eastern writer has gotten into the trade of Dota 2 add-ons, as Sq. Enix constructed a Chocobo courier as a pre-order bonus for the PC unencumber of Ultimate Fable Sort-Zero HD again in 2015. Your videogame-related makes an attempt at six levels of separation simply were given so much more uncomplicated.

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