Deus Ex is likely to return after Eidos Montreal’s Marvel game

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We knew that Eidos Montreal’s 3rd Deus Ex recreation was shelved to shift construction to a brand new Wonder name following Sq. Enix’s licensing maintain Disney. However that information coupled with Mankind Divided’s deficient gross sales had many Deus Ex lovers speculating about whether or not or no longer the cyberpunk franchise could be returning in any respect.

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But Sq. Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda says that rumours of the collection’ dying were a great deal exaggerated. “We’ve got by no means stated the rest about discontinuing that name,” Matsuda tells, “however for some reason why that is the hearsay out available on the market.”

It’s true that Eidos Montreal is now running on a Wonder recreation, and it sort of feels the present conserving length for Deus Ex is solely a question of restricted assets, and no longer short of to send the name off to some other studio. Matsudo says Eidos Montreal “has at all times” been in control of fashionable Deus Ex, and whilst preferably the writer can have one thing coming from all their franchises immediately, “the truth of the subject is a few titles have to attend their flip.”

Matsuda emphasizes that Deus Ex is a “essential franchise” for Sq. Enix, and the ones throughout the writer really feel that its first-person point of view makes it distinctive inside of their portfolio. He additionally says discussions are already taking place about what path the following Deus Ex will take.

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