Leah Remini Believes the LAPD Is Interfering With a Scientology Legal Issue

Leah Remini is neither afraid nor cowed by way of the pervasive presence and gear the Church of Scientology wields, as made obtrusive in her vigilant documentation and testimony concerning the Church’s alleged destructive practices and perhaps unlawful conduct. It is received her an Emmy for her fascinated with those allegations, compiled into the TV display Aftermath, however it is also made her essentially the most outstanding voice of dissent within the public eye in opposition to Scientology.

That dissenting voice is talking up as soon as once more and this time it’s concerning the accusations of rape made in opposition to Scientology member Danny Masterson (he is additionally an actor absolute best identified for his position on That ’70s Display), who has been accused of rape by four female Scientologists. Remini claims that the stalled investigation on Masterson is because of the LAPD’s connection to the Church of Scientology.

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It is a grave declare to make in opposition to two robust establishments, particularly since there is been little within the information or conduct of the LAPD to indicate that they’re by any means attached to Scientology in a suspicious means (even supposing the Church of Scientology has donated cash to more than a few LAPD-related neighborhood techniques) and thus be able to legally intrude with any circumstances associated with them.

Chatting with The Day-to-day Beast, Remini speaks opposite to this, claiming the captain of the LAPD’s Hollywood Division has been associated with Scientology. “The captain of [LAPD’s Hollywood division], Cory Palka, is going to the Scientology Famous person Centre steadily. There are photos of him placing at Famous person Centre,” she advised The Day-to-day Beast. Remini’s implication appears to be that Palka’s affiliation with the Church of Scientology has resulted in perhaps being influenced to the purpose he may lend a hand forestall any prison issues or investigations that actively paintings in opposition to the Church of Scientology’s pursuits.

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Curiously, The Day-to-day Beast’s extremely thorough record in this factor contains two notes of passion. The primary is they won this authentic remark from the LAPD about Captain Palka: “Captain isn’t making any feedback.” Moreover, The Day-to-day Beast writes that “a supply throughout the LAPD’s Hollywood department informs us that officials marvel about Captain Palka’s apparently comfortable courting with the Church of Scientology.”

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The Church of Scientology hasn’t formally commented on Remini’s allegations, nor has the LAPD launched a next commentary about Palka’s alleged affiliation with Scientology. Right now, Masterson stays gainfully hired by way of Netflix and stars on considered one of its unique presentations, The Ranch, whilst the circumstances in opposition to him made by way of the ones 4 ladies have apparently stalled indefinitely.

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