On the pitfalls and promises of using mixed methods in literacy research: perceptions of reviewers

Blended technique holds substantial promise for the sphere of literacy analysis, but it remains to be underrepresented in revealed analysis. The aim of this find out about was once to spot doable issues in engaging in and publishing experiences of blended strategies analysis in literacy. Predicated on a view of analysis as principled argument, we qualitatively analysed the content material of 79 critiques of 22 manuscripts reporting blended strategies research submitted over a four-and-a-half yr duration to a number one magazine faithful to analyze in studying and literacy. We sought to spot the key pitfalls that would possibly weaken authors’ arguments for the claims made. Our research printed 8 main issues within the use or reporting of blended strategies analysis: qualitative part underdeveloped, both on the subject of knowledge/research or sampling; quantitative part underdeveloped, both on the subject of knowledge/research or design; loss of focal point; improper common sense of inquiry; susceptible articulation between the qualitative and quantitative parts; and methodological handwringing. We argue that the techniques authors every so often use or file blended strategies analysis can undermine their skill to offer cogent and persuasive arguments for his or her wisdom claims. In line with the research, we offer steerage for literacy students who make a selection to behavior blended strategies analysis.

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